About us

COL-ME Co-located Media Expedition

Col-me was founded in autumn 2007 by Magdaléna Kobzová, Guy van Belle (aka Gívan Belá) and Barbara Huber with the aim to propagate co-located media. Based in Bratislava/Slovakia we are working cross-border and cross-disciplinary, with a focus on new and experimental culture, sometimes art and including social approaches as much as possible.

For our past and future projects see the link project in the left menu.

Generally we are a group of people from various backgrounds and therefore we operate on issues in different ways – and this is part of what we understand as co-located. That is why we are organizing a broad range of activities - from technical workshops to panel discussions and active research on social and urban issues. We are locally active in the sense that we are organizing events locally. We are world wide because we are collaborating with other similar organizations.

Our focus is collective and collaborative. We believe in working together, sharing and exchanging experiences and expertise.

On a local level we collaborate with Martina Kedrová, Kriztina Karabová, Jürgen Rendl (Urban Flow), Michal Cudrnak (itchybit) and Dušan Barok.

Some of the people are also involved in the independent library project infoapolice. The library is currently due to absence of space hosted in a living room, but we still believe and hope for a new space.

Please see our artistic report for 2008 and 2009 for further information about our activities.

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