Crisis Mania - Food and Cultural Space

We invite you to the discussion, workshop and the market of ideas on
growing, cooking and dining, on cookbooks and the relationship of cooking
and artistic work. The aim of the project is the practical reflection about
the changes of the role the food has in society. We want to present the
recipes of dealing with the food that consider the local conditions, use
ecological approaches, are inventive and stress the social aspects of food.


Friday, April 16 (terrace of Cultural biweekly A2 -
Americká 2, Prague 2


The first part of the event will take place on the terrace of A2 magazine,
located in Vinohrady district. From 6 PM in the evening you can experiment
in cooking together with the cook who comes from Holland and lives in Prague
*Filip Kavka-Smiggels *, using common kinds of
food from which variable, non-common kinds of dishes will be produced.

After - starting at 7:30 PM - follows a live performance of the radio play
*Život nedoceníš* directed by Romana Bohunská; by Petr Marek, Johana
Švarcová and Marian Moštík: *Radio Ivo

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