Budapest Wind Time Radio Scheduling Workshop

COL-ME in cooperation with the KitchenBudapest.

In Budapest aim of the workshop was to see, which boxes are still open and we slowly but surely have to start closing. It turned out, that we worked a lot on the windclocks, on a perfection of the javascript for visualizing the data and on creating audiotours. In the end even our radio transmitter tree, that we planned to build since February and several approaches have been (more or less) successfully made worked out.

We decided to have two workshops, to have time to finalize also a proper documentation on the clocks as well as - after months of testdrive - debug the hard- and software. This article covers both workshops - the first one in July 2011 and the second one in October 2011.


TIK - Time Inventors' Kabinet

TIK - Time Inventors' Kabinet

… TIK is a project, an interest into ecology and media art, a collaborative experiment with time …
taking an ecological approach to observing patterns in time and time control systems…
the creative tools we build to generate new audio and visual artworks and mediate a creative discourse on ecological time …
an 'horloge a vent'(wind clock), an imaginary time keeping device regulated by the irregular movement of the wind …
workshops, art radio sessions, public access digital media archive, public presentations, conferences and exhibitions, a critical publication … 're-inventing ecological time'…


ART01 Berlin event

COL-ME was invited by UKE (HR) to participate in the ART01 event in Berlin with the game developed under the project crisis_mania. ART01 is an attempt, to organize artists collaboratively within a limited timeframe, to develop a project on the spot.
Within two days the artists Barbara Huber (AT/SK), Kruno Jost (HR), Maria Karaginani (GR), Pod P-om (USA), Marian Potočar (SK) and Pedro Zaz (P) had to develop a happening for the opening of the gallery Concent Art in Berlin.
Interesting was to see the creative process and how people coming from different disciplines and backgrounds were finally targeting towards one event.
We chose to do a gallery game while developing 'Chcem byt v dome'. This time our play figures were the gallery visitors, who had to play on the spot, pick roles and describe the exhibition through the eyes of their chosen role.

crisis_mania publication out now!

Finally the publication of our project is out. Months of work were worth it and we can proudly present the final publication.
You can either download the publication here or order a publication, which we will deliver to you with post. Send an email with your snailmail address to: callme AT col-me DOT info

Crisis_mania publication distribution tour. The publication is being distributed. In a world full of individualism we decided to deliver the publication in person. Please see the map, where the publication already went to. Our tour will continue now in August finally to our project partners to Budapest and to Praha.
Click on for the map and on the balloons to get information about each place.

Chcem byť v dome

Chcem byť v dome
(I want to be in the house)

Chcem byť v dome/ I want to be in the house
That was the slogan of one Slovak 'Big Brother' style reality show. An extravagant millionaire couple invited a group of chosen people to live for a short time in their decadent villa in the focus of TV cameras. The last person whose manners pleased the millionaire couple and the audience the most got two million crowns to start his own new millionaire's life.
Like in the TV show, which is clearly a show but in a sense a game, we took the question of occupying/taking a house – a living space - as a game. But we kept always in mind, that it might be for some people an actual bitter reality. Our main interest was, how to unite different groups of people with different needs and realities in one place that, on top of it, is a constantly precarious space. An old, open, half run-down and abandoned house. How do these people have to deal with each other and their environment to 'be in the house'?

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