Medická záhrada - Hyde Park 2009

Hyde park - 31st of July 2009 in Medická záhrada, 18:00 - 20:30

COL-ME in cooperation with Stare Mesto

Bratislava - city of sand

COL-ME invites you to talk about the city you live in. Is it the city you want? What corners do you like, disklike, what corners say nothing to you and which ones everything? In a city that changes it's face so fast, we walk only the outlines. COL-ME confronts with questions, nobody ever asks. We want to get a personal view on the city at the current state by the audience.

story telling
COL-ME wants to catch people passing by through an unusual interface and wants to let them tell 'their' stories about the city. Past - present - future. We don't only want to hear past stories, but also what is felt at the present and what is wished for a future. For that we will use kartographic approaches and explosive content like statues, wasteland and brownland. The stories will be recorded and published on this webpage.

Full programme (in slovak) Pod stromom