The COOP project is coordinated by IIM Institute Praha. Col-me is one of the partners. For more information:

The project is realized (2008-2009) through a series of media art workshops in different Central European cities, and ending with a public presentation in Bratislava, probably in April 2008, during the Multiplace Festival. A schedule is going to be decided on early October in Praha, on invitation of the coordinator, ...

It aims to utilize and strengthen the importance of collaborative models, team creativity, knowledge sharing and different aspects of interdisciplinary dialog within art and technology oriented educational institutions and socio-cultural initiatives.

The partners are:
Institut Intermedii Praha
Polish society for Electroacoustic Music, Krakow
AKU Banska Bystrica
Intermedia dept. Budapest
col-me Bratislava

Between May 29th and June 1st, COOP is having its final project meeting in Bratislava. On the program are the start up and realization of 2 public artistic social urban projects which will be worked on collaboratively.