Crisis_mania is a project supported by Visegrad Fund and presents a collaboration between three very different groups from three countries. Col-me, Bratislava, Yoyo, Prague and Art Sector Foundation, Budapest.
These workshops are open for the public and we also invite interested people, to participate in one of the workshops. The workshop schedules will be out soon.

Four major issues are the starting point for thinking about the crisis and the organization of our own lives within it - "Food", "Housing", "Money" and "Travel". Each partner works out one of the topics and organizes a workshop on it, that participants from the other partners are attending. The workshop method is organized within the expertise of each organization - so one time it could be an artistic workshop, another time it could be a radio show, etc. The workshops will be held in English.

Yo-yo Prague will unearth mutually supportive connections between food and technics, which will also involve offbeat approaches to cooking.

In Budapest the topic travelling is tackled, organised by Art Sector Foundation. Inspired by common alternative practices of travelling we will try to elaborate how to enjoy mobility without leaving a big economical and ecological footprint.

Finally in Bratislava, a city whose dwellers are confronted with an increasingly distorted residential market, Col-me will examine and re-map parts of the urban grid, looking for possible alternatives to the plans of developers and investors and which holes the crisis will leave.

During the whole project we will work collectively on a publication, which will contain - next to texts on the issues - also an accumulated knowledge base and practical Know-How to make our everyday lives more crisis proof. This documentation will be produced in English and at the end of the project translated in all four Visegrad languages, printed and published together.

This project is supported by International Visegrad Fund.