Timetable and Open Call for the workshops for crisis_mania

The project crisis_mania is a collaborative project between three organisations from three neighbouring countries. Starting point of our collaboration are three major issues, that affect people throughout the current economical crisis: 'Traveling', 'Housing' and 'Food'.
Each of the partner organisations prepares a workshop in the respective city on this topic, where
participants from the other organizations are taking part.


4th of December 2009 - 6th of December 2009
Art Sector Foundation Budapest
28th of January 2010 - 31st of January 2010
25th of March 2010 - 28th of March 2010

For more information please read the announcement here.

More specific information for each of the workshops will be online soon. If you are interested and want to participate in one of these workshops, please contact: workshop@col-me.info

For traveling to one of the workshops, certain costs can be reimbursed by the organisation.

This project is supported by International Visegrad Fund.