Housing as culture - programme

Friday, 29th of January 2010

Presentations and discussions From Trnavka/Dornkappel to heat pipes in Mlynska Dolina
Housing situations in Bratislava Bottom-up

The event will be in english and slovak language


1800 Barbara Huber - Welcome, introduction of the speakers, introduction to project, welcome, introduction to exhibition;

1815 Bartko & Bartko – cultural spaces, social spaces, meaning of an amfiteater for a city;

1835 Sona Lutherova - The notions of young people about their housing and the strategies of acquiring their dwelling;
(not confirmed yet!!)

1855 Martina Kedrova – "homes" of home-less people; Bratislava 2009;

1915 Michal Cudrnak / +1 – following traces: the city part Trnavka/Dornkappel – history, development and structure nowadays;

1945 Left over questions from the audience/discussion; the audience may ask questions any time;

------> Exhibition of Andrea Kalinova: 'Homeless reality'



2100 for participants of the working groups Saturday/Sunday; discussion of the working groups; what ideas/projects do we want to work on? Follow up?

Saturday, 30th of January 2010

1000 start of active working groups

~1400 lunchbreak (individually set per working group)

1900 presentation of working groups and wrap up

2000 common dinner

Sunday, 31st of January 2010

1000 start of active working groups

1400 presentation of working groups and wrap up

1500 common lunch