AP meeting Bratislava, September 2010


From the 10th until the 13th of September 2010 the startup meeting of TIK project for COL-ME in Bratislava took place. We were visited by our associated partners of the project which were UKE from Zagreb, Line Art from Skopje, Yo-yo from Prague and AKU from Banska Bystrica. Our partners Urban FM from Prishtina could not come, as Slovakia didn't recognize Kosovo and therefore we discovered a week before the meeting, that their passports would not be valid.

For three days we got to know each other, worked and talked about the course of TIK project and formed three working groups and enhanced the TIK wiki.

10th of September 2010:

Presentation of the partnerorganisations and there interest in the TIK project. First forming of working groups according to interest:

Three working groups were formed in the course of the meeting to prepare certain topics.

1.COL-ME's radio project within the frame of TIK
Usage of databases for storing audio content, trying out several open platforms and the videoplatform PADMA (http://padma.okno.be) from our Belgian partner organisation OKNO; forming of collectives in different cities and guaranteeing communication between them; content of the radio broadcasts.

2.Server applications for windclock time transformations
Windclocks are physical devices, which connect via sensors to the OKNO server. To gather the data on the server, several new software applications have to be developed. The working group was discussing several possibilities of applications and methods, of how to alter timeperception from a machine point of view.

3.Dive into the project
This group was for new people, who are around COL-ME to teach them the communication devices used throughout the project (WIKI, online calendar systems, online chats, publishing systems) and to hoover through the content already gathered.

11th of September 2010:

In the morning we continued discussing in the working groups and prepared the online meeting in the afternoon. Thanks to an already existing plan for that, we could work along the lines of given structures.
During the online conference an outcome of our working groups was presented and the groups introduced each other through video stream and online chat. Several topics were re-discussed and new developments from our partnerorganisations, which were not presented to this date were presented.

12th of September 2010:

Michal Cudrnak organized a guided tour through the exhibition of Juraj Laszlo taking place in SNG for the participants of the workshop and interested ones around COL-ME. Michal Murin from AKU in Banska Bystrica gave the participants an insight into the Slovak contemporary art scene and gave us a small guided tour through Dom Umenie.

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