Windmill workshop Korcula

In association with Grey )( Area, Korcula, COL-ME and OKNO co-organized the workshop on the Croatian island of Korcula for the first windclock construction.

WindClocks are the starting point and the motors of the TimeInventorsKabinet. They are simple devices to measure the dynamics of the wind and translate this data into WindTime. WindTime is what TIK is all about, we use it for visuals, sound, scheduling and whatever we can apply it to.

windmill in anemometer designwindmill in anemometer design

This workshop was set up to achieve a better understanding of two central, intertwined TIK concepts, WindClocks and WindTime. The outset of the workshop was WindTime research through the joint construction, measuring and connection of actual WindClocks.

Through the construction of prototypes, based on Leonardo da Vinci’s anemometer, a possible form of a WindClock was visualised and materialised for further fine-tuning. The focus was on non-spinning models, so that participants would realize that a WindClock is not necessarily a spinning windmill. Prototype development took place at the Amateur Radio Association. These models were adapted to individual needs and ideas by e.g. replacing sensors or adding decorative elements. Once a clock was actually operative data was applied to make simple applications in image and sound.In parallel, different possibilities for a WindClocks network were discussed and set-up.

The workshop ended with a public exhibition at the local Grey)(Area gallery. This also offered the opportunity for actual try-outs.