TIK Radiodays II

The TIK Radiodays II took place from the 14th to the 18th of March 2011 in the local hacklab progressbar in Bratislava. We welcomed guests from our partnerorganisations KitchenBudapest and Yo-yo, Prague to participate.

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The second part within our Visegrad circle was concentrating on the content of our get-together, which was time. Our furthermost problem was how to make time audible, how we could talk about it and how to create something within the area of our workshop.

After long talks we took a walk through the city to look for certain areas to record, that we would connect with key words, we mentioned before. Hazy time, shortcuts, subjective time, eco-time zones just to name a few.

Dress rehearsal one

Dress rehearsal two

the scorethe score

As TIK radioshows will be broadcasted on the radia network (thanks to Verena Kuni at this point) we had to make the show a certain length - in common time - which was exactly 26,5 minutes.
As we had several discussions about the question whether radio should be a live medium and can in reality only be done live, we decided to do a live show, that we would record.
We drew up a score on paper in a very classcial sense to play after. Laszlo Kiss was taking over the role of the conductor - so we became something like a classical orchestra playing after a drawn up score.

On Friday evening we had some presentations of invited guests, including Verena Kuni, Nina Czegledy, Christoph Hessle and Kruno Jost.

More pics, videos and streams:
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