Radio Art Days Marija Bistrica

In cooperation with MMkamp organized by UKE COL-ME organized the workshop and conference for "ECO TIME RADIO CONTENT CREATION" in Marija Bistrica, North Croatia from 16th till 22nd of May 2011. The EcoTimeConference took place in the 'Green Room' in Zabok.

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Our workshop facilitator this time was Jonathan Prior (UK), who did various soundwalks especially for museums and galleries.

Presentation concept for Museumwalks

We chose Jonathan for various reasons. Since the March workshop in Bratislava we were thinking of how to create content and what kind of content for the TIK radioshows and several topics offer itself along the lines naturally. Whereas in the March workshop we concentrated on the topic of time we decided to take more an approach towards ecologies - a term, which follows a broader understanding than to talk about 'nature'. As we work with sound we naturally talked about sound-ecologies which became therefore a topic for the event.
Museum walks provide normally a frame of explanations of one object or one event and thus giving the visitor a linear and one-sided approach of space and objects. With an alternative museum walk we wanted to change the idea of the museum walk sound ecology.
Sounds are influencing our notion of a place - looking for sounds in a space can give you also a different idea of what this place is rather than only walking thru it.

We chose the Museum of the Croatian and Slovenian peasant uprising in Gornja Stubica. More information about the uprising can be found here.

The museum is located in a castle-like structure and by only looking at the objects the idea that it is about peasants is absolutely not given. As Reni pointed out: "Where are the peasants?". While recording we all experienced a kind of 'ghostly and absurd' atmosphere as the objects would not coincide with what the museum promised and the buidling itself - a quite huge place with access balconies made from marble, a huge inner yard with an old well and protruding staircases - was underlining the absurdity of its content. As it was national school musem day, a bunch of school children, entertained by a modern knight, were present throughout our whole stay.
The outcome was a constant hall of screaming children, chirping birds and a knightactor in the huge and large rooms, which strengthened the idea of some ghostly atmosphere while we listened to the recordings.

Together we ordered recordings, listened commonly to them, gave remarks and tried to work them out into a schemata. We tried several approaches - to structure the walk according to the building seemed to be the most logical structure. So audibly spoken one moves from the inneryard up the stairs into the rooms and walks through them. The outcome you can listen to here:

The final piece of the Museum walk

On the 21st of May 2011 we had in cooperation with the 'Green Room' in Zabok the Eco-Time conference. Invited speakers were Ladislav Galeta (HR), Nina Czegledy (HU), Erika Pasztor (HU), Jonathan Prior (UK) and Reni Hofmüller (AT). If you click on the names, you reach the abstract of each speaker.

Videos and Sounds