Hardware workshop for women in Bratislava

Hardware Workshop

Who: COL-ME - b#
When: Friday, 23rd of January, 17:30
Where: Centrum divadla, literatúry a vzdelávania, Školská 14, Bratislava
Amount: Around 10 participants (women only)
Register: workshop@col-me.info
Languages: english (mainly), german (if needed), slovak (limited)
No fee

Have you ever opened your computer and looked what's inside? Are you curious to take a computer apart by yourself but you have been until now afraid to do so?
This workshop gives a small introduction in everything you need to know about Computer Hardware, external and on-board cards and how they are connected to the motherboard and how you can add and remove yourself new hardware parts (like a CD/DVD drive).
We will also explore typical vocabulary connected to hardware, such as ports, plugs, bus, interface, PCB, cards, processor, memory, storage, cache, master, slave and the BIOS.
In a friendly atmosphere we explore together the deepness of our dusty little helpers.
This workshop does not require any pre-knowledge!

Please find attached here the pdf with descriptions for hardware parts.

Hardware-parts.pdf223.32 KB