TIK Windflower Kit

This is the step-by-step Windflower Assembly Kit
Dedicated by Marton Anton Juhasz.
Follow the instructions by picture and watch the instructional video. The parts list as well as the arduino script you can find as attachments in this article. You can also download the assembly kit as zip file from here.
In case you want to connect your windclock to the TAK-server, please drop us an email for the proper server IP to
callme AT col-me DOT info

The parts

Capacitor with resistor on Arduino

Cable connections with second capacitor

The hall sensor and it's three pins

The hall sensor on the cable

The hall sensor gets familiar with the magnet

Stick the hall sensor on tape

Place the hall sensor on the windflower so that the blades are passing it

Take the magnets and place double stuck tape on them

Place the magnets on the blades, so that they pass the hall sensor

The windflower assembled and ready for usage

Now upload the script to your arduino (modified with right IP's!)

The clock in action

The schematic plan

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