TIK LaundryClock Kit

This is the step-by-step Laundry Clock Assembly Kit
Follow the instructions by picture . The arduino script you can find as attachment under this article.
In case you want to connect your windclock to the TAK-server, please drop us an email for the proper server IP to
callme AT col-me DOT info

The parts in an overview

Sew a piece of conductive fabric to the piece of clothe

The conductive fabric on the piece of clothe

Cover the conductive fabric with a bigger piece of conductive plastic and leave a little part of the fabric stick out

Add a string of conductive thread on the conductive plastic (make sure, the thread does not touch the conductive fabric directly)

Fix the thread with the plastic with a piece of tape to the cloth (the conductive fabric sticks out above, the conductive thread is longer on the bottom)

Now add on top to the condcutive fabric cables and on the bottom to the conductive garn as well

The circuit on a bread board. Measure the right resistors you have to add. With a piece like this, you will need 150k Ohm resistors.

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