FFF - Feminist Freaky Frequencies

Call for audio/radio pieces for the 8th of March (and ff)!

Create your own fresh feminist freaky 'Creeper Move Card'* in audio Version!
We are looking for short audio pieces from 00:01 minutes to 10:00 minutes long from all the freaky women and female collectives around the world. The pieces will be presented in a radio broadcast on the free Radio Orange 94.0 Vienna by b# and miss.gunst and will be broadcasted right on the 8th of March.

// * The Creeper Move cards are red and yellow cardboard cards which are designed to be handed to people at geek events who are harassing others or otherwise being creepy. The currently released print versions are in the style of red and yellow cards in football (penalty and warning cards, respectively). More info: http://geekfeminism.wikia.com/wiki/Creeper_Move_cards

// * Obviously the current versions (see especially the wording) are
debatable and thus anyway call for revision and refreshment.
So let us see if we can refine this tool!

FFF: Feminist Freaky Frequencies calls for your contributions:

(a) audio pieces (ready to broadcast)

(b) txt versions (will be broadcasted live / recorded in the studio)


For easy transfer of (a) audio pieces pls use this ftp server:
login: guestupload
passwd: justl3tm3in
or (b) txt data plus info directly via e-mail to: barb AT col-me DOT info

All contributions will be credited according to your preferences (pls. specify in the accompanying info data).

Please note: pieces including harassments, insults, abusive language etc are likely to be excluded from transmissions. Same is for pieces containing audio material/snippets under foreign copyright.
The ftp server will be closed on 7th of March 8pm.

Join our live FFF high noon broadcast on March 8, 2013 from 12-1 pm (CET)
at http://streamintern.o94.at/live3.m3u

Your FFF-team (Barb + miss.gunst)

FFF: Femnist Freaky Frequencies

We are still here. We are still loud. And we are legion.