TIK - Time Inventors Kabinet

The project TIK (Time Inventors' Kabinet) will take place over 2 years, as a collaborative action by 3 core partners(OKNO in Brussels, COL-ME in Bratislava and ESC in Graz) and numerous other contributors.
It is supported by the EACEA Culture Programme 2007-2013.

We will organize a distributed research and creation lab, with ongoing workshop points in each partner region, taking an ecological approach(in the etymological sense of the term : a study approach taking into account relations of organisms to
one another and to their physical environment and overall context) to
observing patterns in time and time control systems.


Crisis_mania is a project supported by Visegrad Fund and presents a collaboration between three very different groups from three countries. Col-me, Bratislava, Yoyo, Prague and Art Sector Foundation, Budapest.
These workshops are open for the public and we also invite interested people, to participate in one of the workshops. The workshop schedules will be out soon.

Four major issues are the starting point for thinking about the crisis and the organization of our own lives within it - "Food", "Housing", "Money" and "Travel". Each partner works out one of the topics and organizes a workshop on it, that participants from the other partners are attending. The workshop method is organized within the expertise of each organization - so one time it could be an artistic workshop, another time it could be a radio show, etc. The workshops will be held in English.

Yo-yo Prague will unearth mutually supportive connections between food and technics, which will also involve offbeat approaches to cooking.

TIK ArtRadio

TIK ArtRadio
6. - 11. september 2011
Ogg stream
TIK Schedules
RSS feed s aktualitami: TIKRadio

Týždeň rozhlasového vysielania, ktoré sa riadi veterným časom, je vytvárané jednotlivcami a kolektívmi (nielen) z Európy a zaoberá sa alternatívnymi prístupmi k času a ekológii. Audio stream bude koordinovaný tímom COL-ME v priestoroch bratislavského Progressbaru. Ďalšie kolektívy sa zapoja online – buď naživo, alebo s predpripravenými reláciami, ktoré budú prerušovať 24 hodinový prúd zvukov vetra. Pre okamžité informácie o vysielaní podľa veterného času sledujte

Wind and time

Wind and timeWind and time

Where: ASIL Gallery, Štefánikova 13, Bratislava, Slovakia
Opening: 5.9.2011, 19:00
Duration: until 11.9. 2011
Opening hours: Tuesday till Friday 15:00-19:00

The exhibition (part of the TIK project) deals with the (im)possibility to measure time by wind. Along the prototypes of windclocks, it will present works dealing with time and its measuring in general, or its relation to radio, broadcast and sound.

Vietor a čas

Wind and timeWind and time

Kde: ASIL Gallery, Štefánikova 13, Bratislava, Slovakia
Otvorenie výstavy: 5.9.2011, 19:00
Trvanie výstavy: do 11.9. 2011
Otváracie hodiny:utorok až piatok 15:00-19:00

Výstava (súčasť projektu Time Inventors Kabinet) skúma (ne)možnosť merať čas pomocou vetra. Okrem prototypov veterných časostrojov predstaví práce, ktoré sa zaoberajú časom a jeho meraním vo všeobecnosti, alebo prepojením na rozhlas, vysielanie a zvuk.

Dni rádia TIK II

14. - 18. marec
Progressbar, Cukrová 14, Bratislava
denne 11:00 – 18:00

Cieľom druhej časti workshopu Rozhlasové dni TIK bude vytváranie rozhlasovej relácie, tentokrát so zameraním na obsah. Opäť sme prizvali tri partnerské organizácie - Kitchen Budapest,Kronika Bytom a Yo-yo Praha, aby vyslali na workshop svojich zástupcov. Workshop budú viesť hostia z Nemecka a Budapešti - profesorka Verena Kuni z Univerzity Johanna Wolfganga Goetheho vo Frankfurte a mediálna umelkyňa a teoretička Nina Czegledy.

Medická záhrada - Hyde Park 2009

Hyde park - 31. júla 2009 Medická záhrada, 18:00 - 20:30

COL-ME v spolupráci s Centrum divadla, literatúry a vzdelávania, Školská 14


The COOP project is coordinated by IIM Institute Praha. Col-me is one of the partners. For more information:

The project is realized (2008-2009) through a series of media art workshops in different Central European cities, and ending with a public presentation in Bratislava, probably in April 2008, during the Multiplace Festival. A schedule is going to be decided on early October in Praha, on invitation of the coordinator, ...

It aims to utilize and strengthen the importance of collaborative models, team creativity, knowledge sharing and different aspects of interdisciplinary dialog within art and technology oriented educational institutions and socio-cultural initiatives.

The partners are:
Institut Intermedii Praha
Polish society for Electroacoustic Music, Krakow
AKU Banska Bystrica
Intermedia dept. Budapest
col-me Bratislava

Between May 29th and June 1st, COOP is having its final project meeting in Bratislava. On the program are the start up and realization of 2 public artistic social urban projects which will be worked on collaboratively.

monoskop publishing project

Collaborative research on media art in Central and Eastern Europe from 1960 to 2009

MONOSKOP research project examines the social context of historical developments in media art in Central and Eastern Europe. Analysis of sociopoetic conditions of art and technology crossings from 1960s to 2000s draws upon the undertakings in experimental and avantgarde film, performance art, computer art, video art, experimental music, sound art, and media theory. The objective is to create professional and solid basis for theoreticians and critics to assist them in development of the theoretical discourse on new media art in the Central and Eastern Europe.

Results of the project


Contact Dušan Barok, db at societyofalgorithm dot org

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