Workshop housing - the documentation

Yes - you had to wait long for the documentation - flashy pictures, outcomes, lectures and all the other things. We will start to build up the documentation now and hope to present it to you within the next two weeks. Inbetween we are busy with collecting articles, artefacts and workshop outcomes of the participants and will orderly publish them one by one.
The first items are going online at this moment. Check out the game 'Chcem byt v dome', which is dealing with precarious groups, abandoned places and cheap renovation methods in the form of a game.

Until we have the rest online, stay tuned!

Crisis Mania - Food and Cultural Space

We invite you to the discussion, workshop and the market of ideas on
growing, cooking and dining, on cookbooks and the relationship of cooking
and artistic work. The aim of the project is the practical reflection about
the changes of the role the food has in society. We want to present the
recipes of dealing with the food that consider the local conditions, use
ecological approaches, are inventive and stress the social aspects of food.


Friday, April 16 (terrace of Cultural biweekly A2 -
Americká 2, Prague 2


The first part of the event will take place on the terrace of A2 magazine,
located in Vinohrady district. From 6 PM in the evening you can experiment
in cooking together with the cook who comes from Holland and lives in Prague
*Filip Kavka-Smiggels *, using common kinds of
food from which variable, non-common kinds of dishes will be produced.

After - starting at 7:30 PM - follows a live performance of the radio play
*Život nedoceníš* directed by Romana Bohunská; by Petr Marek, Johana
Švarcová and Marian Moštík: *Radio Ivo

crisis_mania publication out now!

Finally the publication of our project is out. Months of work were worth it and we can proudly present the final publication.
You can either download the publication here or order a publication, which we will deliver to you with post. Send an email with your snailmail address to: callme AT col-me DOT info

Crisis_mania publication distribution tour. The publication is being distributed. In a world full of individualism we decided to deliver the publication in person. Please see the map, where the publication already went to. Our tour will continue now in August finally to our project partners to Budapest and to Praha.
Click on for the map and on the balloons to get information about each place.

ART01 Berlin event

COL-ME was invited by UKE (HR) to participate in the ART01 event in Berlin with the game developed under the project crisis_mania. ART01 is an attempt, to organize artists collaboratively within a limited timeframe, to develop a project on the spot.
Within two days the artists Barbara Huber (AT/SK), Kruno Jost (HR), Maria Karaginani (GR), Pod P-om (USA), Marian Potočar (SK) and Pedro Zaz (P) had to develop a happening for the opening of the gallery Concent Art in Berlin.
Interesting was to see the creative process and how people coming from different disciplines and backgrounds were finally targeting towards one event.
We chose to do a gallery game while developing 'Chcem byt v dome'. This time our play figures were the gallery visitors, who had to play on the spot, pick roles and describe the exhibition through the eyes of their chosen role.

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