Workshops on living (in) the crisis

When: Friday, 20th of March, 2009
Where: Dom kultury, Gastanova ulica, Bratislava

Col-me works in collaboration with the independent library collective info@police. The collective was in January and February 2009 organising lectures on the current financial crisis. The last event are workshops on certain topics, that have been talked about before or that are touching subjects, which are issues within the financial crisis.
On Friday, 20th of March 2009 there will be workshops in the Dom kultury on Gastanova ulica, Bratislava, where working groups will be formed to work for a whole month on one topic. The outcomes of the workshop groups (texts, pictures, audio...) will be collected on the COL-ME webpage for presentation.
More information: (len po slovensky / only in slovak)
Szia in da crisis!