Sewage Echoes II

čistirna is all about eco-technical-media-art-cooperation, and will take place in an old sewage works, in Bubeneč/Praha. The event is linked to the Multiplace Festival, and is taking place 16-17 April 2009.

Location: website of čistirna: there are some 3D models of the main hall and sand trap hall where it should be happening (it can be dark in there, so you can work with light, projections...), outside photos and kanal in att


april 16 - 17 - workshop, free and open for your experiments (it's possible to work here also tuesday 14th, wednesday there is a private party)
- experimenting with hydrophones, underwater cameras, sensors monitoring water and air quality..., the resulting data can be used for creating temporary media installations and performances, interconnected spaces of former sewage works with its surroundings...
- there are pools with deep still water underground, running vltava water cca 500 meters from the place, it's possible to put cameras on the roof, on two smokestacks in front of the building
- streaming the events on saturday

april 18 - Sewage Echoes II (following SE I couple of years ago...)

- presentation, sound and visual performances in the underground and underwater, potluck and discussions

then 7pm until late SHARE Media Cirkus.Prague with Live Streaming (outside in tent)" its free to participate

- there are 5 beds in cistirna (no blankets though), bathroom, basic kitchen

Budget and equipment
- there is very little just to buy few cables, etc., we will borrow stuff (projectors, sound equipment, lights, cameras...) from skolska28 gallery and institute of intermedia but it would be good to know in advance what people use/need/bring

- there will be "potluck" on saturday - grilled vegetables, potatoes, wine, beers etc

yes, good idea to share ideas, plans, plants, sound, music, and pictures on the vodnik-list, and if you have questions, need some other photos, measurements, videos, sound recordings from the space, just let me know...