After being introduced to a lot of technologies, and ways of collaboratively developing media art works, we are wrapping up for our last meetings in Bratislava. With a couple of small sociocultural and artistic organizations we are providing some real projects that are starting up these days. You will be able to get involved in the initial phase of these real works, in the real world. And since the proposed works deal with Bratislava's urban environment mainly, you will experience and deal with specific aspects of a reality normal people there have to deal with. And at the same time experiment with novel approaches within the making of contemporary art.

So we ask you to subscribe to a project of interest, described underneath, and if you can or want, specify a medium or technology you want to explore and work on during these 2-3 days.

The projects seem to be complex at first, but illustrate in an interesting way how proctising media artists work, continuously learn in a collaborative context. This way new technological and content problems are tackled, and gradually solved. Both of the proposed projects work with mapping technology and use open source hard- and software. Both projects reflect a social involvement.

Who ever can not come to Bratislava, but is interested to work on this can always visit over summer participate in the later fases, as a free resident. Also for the current participants there will be a follow up possibility, since it will take several months to complete and extend these projects. So everyone is invited later to come (back) when they can, and when there is interest in it, and on their own behalf. We will do our best to keep you informed about the progress of the project. Finally, in the true open source and public license spirit, you will be mentioned alongside the other artists within the project's documentation.

We hope you like this offer and wish you a good COOP ending.

project 1:
CITY MAP RE:LOADED - the techno part(y)!

COL-ME is pursuing the idea of creating an online city map for bratislava, where 'sociocultural' data will be stored. Mainly we want to work with different groups of people, for whom it is interesting to find (alternative) ways to move through the city, like cyclists, people in wheelchairs, or to create maps and ways according to gender or social status. The maps will reflect many different ways of viewing or perceiving the urban environment.

To achieve this, we have to look into certain technological standards and protocols, that allow us to realize this. Besides gps-trackers there are possibilities to use the mobile phones or your laptops as a tracking device. During the workshop, we will explore different, necessary building blocks:
1. digital maps and implementations in web-systems (for instance OpenStreetMap)
2. tweaking tracking devices, that are usable to create the specific files (GPS)
3. building audiovisual material, and descriptions (text, sound, movies, pictures) ond bring them in a cms/database (for instance drupal on the col-me site)

project 2:

This is another mapping idea, an approach to map subversive elements/actions/people/ideas in a city like Bratislava. During the weekend the participants will try to map (spot, capture and locate) whatever strikes them in a subversive way in the city and provide and detect as such the "dead pixels" for the city streamlining project "Neoliberal Bratislava". The project is inspired by the work "dead pixel in google earth", a work of conceptual art by Helmut Smits:

The participants should physically encounter the city and then use their favourite media to process or document what they found, maybe fitting it into certain thematic frames like "hacking neoliberal bratislava", "homeless reality vs. developers dreams" and such...

In the end the works should be mapped digitally, for an inspiration see and (btw. for this platform udo noll also developed some other features that could be interesting).

Further continuation of "Subversive Pixel" in the participants places of origin would be highly appreciated.

Practically the projects start on Friday May 29th, and end on Monday June 1st. We hope to lodge you all throughout the city in guest and living rooms, with real people living in Bratislava as your hosts. Also we will all share some cooperative cooking each evening. So bring some local recipes and special ingredients if needed. We are all looking forward working together with you.

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