Network and Programming workshop Brussels

Network and Programming Workshop
24th of January 2011 til 29th of January 2011 in Brussels

COL-ME in cooperation with OKNO organizes the workshop 'Network and Programming' at OKNOs place in Brussels, where the long-awaited Windtime protocol will finally be made concrete. The Windtime protocol is what we will connect our WindClocks to and form the new time that will become the basis of TIK developments.
The Windclocks have been developed during the workshop in Korcula (HR) end of September at Grey)(Area - our associated partners. Please see here for Windclock pictures of Korcula.

The workshop is not about teaching, it is about putting our heads together and getting our hands dirty with code. Our aim is, to bring the movement of the wind finally into a virtual sense-giving form for ourselves and to the rest of the world.

Erwan Queffelec has been working on the protocol and will present it, while Geraldo Kogler is making front-end tools to make WindTime more concrete.

We'd like to invite you to participate. The workshop is limited to 10 people locally to keep things focused, we also strongly encourage remote participation, it's a network thing after all!

Please see here the programme for the week:

For a more or less up to date version of where WindTime is now, check out the wiki

For people from Slovakia, who want to participate, please contact: callme col-me info.
For information or participation, mail to junior isjtar org.