The Hydrophone Workshop


Saturday 10.01.2009 --> watch the pictures from Saturday
Sunday 11.01.2009
Everyday 13.00-18.00
Place: A4 klub, Bratislava
Contact xgz ->

For two days Gívan Belá, and Tobiáš Potočný, are inviting artists to make their own hydrophones (underwater microphones). We will try to make the 3 types - condom protected, isolated piezos, and oiltank condensers. Then move to recording with them in the Dunaj, the frozen lakes, the swimming pools, your bathroom and toilet, your uncle's fishtank... The idea is to make underwater field recordings during a week, and upload them on this site. But additionally, we want to look into treating the sound material, and making interesting shared pieces with it. On Art's Birthday, these will be used for an evening long connected internet concert between Bratislava, Tokyo, Brussels, Praha, Budapest, and elsewhere... So bring your favorite recorder device (and possibly computer). For people staying at home and building it there, we provide a chat channel and stream from here. In Brussels a parallel workshop is happening =

streams and chats
Direct your chat client to #hydrophones...


Saturday 10.01.09
Making a piezo type hydrophone, test your recordings
Analyzing and filtering the recording, looking for interesting phenomena
Uploading your recordings

Sunday 11.01.09
Making a condenser type hydrophone, testing, filtering and analyzing
Physical modeling: water drop synthesis and simulations
Ideas for underwater based pieces

Useful information

Waterproofing an existing microphone
Hydrophone construction manual (piezo)
Hydrophone construction manual (condenser)
How to make your camera waterproof
Some general information on underwater techniques
Some other tips for soldering mikes by richard lerman

Some images of the workshop in Bratislava A4-club can be found here:

What is that sound?