COL-ME in cooperation with the KitchenBudapest.

In Budapest aim of the workshop was to see, which boxes are still open and we slowly but surely have to start closing. It turned out, that we worked a lot on the windclocks, on a perfection of the javascript for visualizing the data and on creating audiotours. In the end even our radio transmitter tree, that we planned to build since February and several approaches have been (more or less) successfully made worked out.

We decided to have two workshops, to have time to finalize also a proper documentation on the clocks as well as - after months of testdrive - debug the hard- and software. This article covers both workshops - the first one in July 2011 and the second one in October 2011.

The first javascript for visualization of the windclocks to establish windtime you can find here:
Raw aesthetics.
After months of work and fiddeling on the question of time we ended up right before our big TIK Radio Art event with this version:
Here you can see already time in winddays/TOKs/TAKs/TIKs (which comply with days/hours/minutes/seconds - but only at the first look) and an alarm clock for the radio makers. This version was the working version for the TIK Art Radio days.

Windclock Assembly Kits
Two working versions of clocks could be produced during this workshop as well, finetuned till October and finally we can present the Assembly kits for interested tinkers.


For the server IP adress in the arduino skript please write to:
callme AT col-me DOT info

NoTours @ TIK
While travelling we met some people form the NoTours project. We were immediately caught by the idea and invested into some Android phones to be able to stream our audio stuff on to them and create audio tours.
The descriptions on their webpage are really good how to create a soundwalk with the Android application. Please beware, that the folderstructure of your own Android phone may be not usable with NoTours. The guys from the app are really helpful though and made us a new pack for the Samsung phones. So do not hesitate to contact them!
NoTours we used during the TIK Art Radio event and exhibition in Bratislava. Currently we have contact with the people to develop the application towards the exhibition in May 2012 in Brussels.
See Reni's really detailed HOW TO NoTours from July 2011.

Transmitter Tree
The transmitter tree was actually an idea from the workshop in February which we finally managed to realize. Please see the video of our success, streaming windsounds to the android and transmitting this sound in the backyard of KIBU.