before COl-ME - Globalised distribution of Products INCorporated is a project by b# and Givan. It started with the idea to search for the new Industrial in music and we thought that consumption is one of the very global cultural factor that is influencing music. Therefore searches as stages market chains and plays on globally distributed products. Every product is an instrument and therefore is a truly global band that can be imitated all around the world.

There are two rules when there's a concert:
1. the market itself must not be informed about it
2. to the audience and to the musicians it is prohibited to buy anything during the performance

We had two prominent opera-concerts:

Phantom of Thalia - was invited by STWST, Linz to play in a shop of our choice. Thalia is a big chain, selling books, music and other stuff.

Pictures of a Baumaxxx - our first concert in Bratislava in a tool shop.

Phantoms of Thalia

'Phantoms of Thalia' is the second concert. was invited by Stadtwerkstatt, Linz/Austria for a concert in the frame of the project 'Capture your City'. This time we played in Thalia - a book and paperchain in Austria on globalised distributed products.
Phantoms we are when entering a shop - not consumers, not strollers, no shoppers, but phantoms using the products in a way they were not supposed to be used.

Pictures of a Baumaxx

The first concert was played in 2006 in a Baumaxx in Bratislava, Slovakia. The name of the new industrial opera was called 'Pictures of a Baumaxx' as it should picture the place of our concert in a vivid way.
'Pictures of a Baumaxx' is a composition on globalised distributed products.

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