Dni rádia TIK

Dni rádia TIK
Progressbar, Cukrová 14, Bratislava
7. - 10. február 2011

Na mesiace február a marec ohlasuje COL-ME "Dni rádia TIK", sériu workshopov s audiovizuálnymi tvorcami zo Slovenska, Čiech, Maďarska a Poľska, ktorí budú vytvárať kolaboratívne rádio. Začíname technológiami - počas štyroch dní (od 7. do 10. februára) bude v priestoroch bratislavského hacklabu Progressbar vznikať infraštruktúra v podobe zariadení a nástrojov na tvorbu, vysielanie a archiváciu rádia. Pre širšiu verejnosť je určený štvrtok 10. február, kedy budú od 18:30 v Progressbare prebiehať prezentácie výsledkov workshopu a samotných partnerských organizácií.

Každý z pozvaných tvorcov prichádza na "Dni rádia TIK" s rôznymi predstavami o podobe rádia, ktoré spája záujem o experiment: transformácia dát z prostredia, ekologické prístupy, alebo nové určenie času a jeho meranie (workshopy sú súčasťou európskeho projektu Time inventors kabinet, ktorý tieto prístupy zastrešuje).

TIK Radiodays Bratislava

In two workshops, we will start up the TIK radio programme. COL-ME's involvment in TIK (Time Inventors' Kabinet) is to a very high extent focused on radio. Because of this, we organize two follow up workshops, that tune into each other and give us a lot of time, to develop technical needed devices as well as content ideas about the coming up radioshows.
Supported by Visegrad, our three partner organisations are involved in the course of the whole development and are invited to participate in further TIK workshops throughout the year.
KIBU, Budapest, KRONIKA, Bytom and Yo-yo, Praha send for each workshop artists to participate and develop parts for the project.

7th of February til 10th of February 2011
14th of March til 18th of March 2011

both times in progressbar, Cukrova 14, Bratislava. The workshops are free of charge and will take place in english language. Please register at: callme@col-me.info

Network and Programming workshop Brussels

Network and Programming Workshop
24th of January 2011 til 29th of January 2011 in Brussels

COL-ME in cooperation with OKNO organizes the workshop 'Network and Programming' at OKNOs place in Brussels, where the long-awaited Windtime protocol will finally be made concrete. The Windtime protocol is what we will connect our WindClocks to and form the new time that will become the basis of TIK developments.
The Windclocks have been developed during the workshop in Korcula (HR) end of September at Grey)(Area - our associated partners. Please see here for Windclock pictures of Korcula.

The workshop is not about teaching, it is about putting our heads together and getting our hands dirty with code. Our aim is, to bring the movement of the wind finally into a virtual sense-giving form for ourselves and to the rest of the world.

Erwan Queffelec has been working on the protocol and will present it, while Geraldo Kogler is making front-end tools to make WindTime more concrete.

TIK worklab/presentation in Progressbar/Bratislava

After a few months of work, COL-ME is going more public with its work within the TIK project. Our first presentation about what happened and a further discussion about the future of the project will take place on the 2nd of December at 19:00 in the Hacklab Progressbar in Bratislava.

Coming back from the padma workshop taking place in Brussels at Nadine, a lot of development has been done on this project, which will be introduced as well.


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TIK startup meeting Bratislava

Find a report on the meeting here

and a

picture gallery here

The startup meeting of COL-ME for the TIK project takes place from 10th till 13th of September 2010. The TIK project is a collaborative project on time and ecologies between OKNO (Brussels, BE), ESC (Graz, AT) and COL-ME (Bratislava, SK). The startup meeting for the project took place in Brussels in June 2010. In September COL-ME welcomes its associated partners Yo-yo (Prague, CZ), AKU (Banska Bystrica, SK), UKE (Zagreb, HR) and URBAN FM (Prishtina, Kosovo). Unfortunately Grey Area from Korcula, HR are not able to attend, but therefore LineArt (Skopje, Macedonia) will visit us for this event.

Prelude to Another Time

Sunday, 25 April, 2010 (All day) - Tuesday, 27 April, 2010 (All day)

In July 2010, OKNO Brussels, ESC Graz, and COL-ME Bratislava will start a joint 2-year project called Time Inventors' Kabinet [TIK]. The idea is to rethink the way we are perceiving time, related it to ecological concepts, and see what the impact could be on subsequently creating media art works. We are working initially with wind clocks and wind time protocols, to realize our ultimate goal, to subvert life itself and its current aesthetics. On 25 till 27 April 2010, 30-some interested artists will collectively brainstorm about it, chit and chat about what they think and know, and cook up some more substantial text material. Ecology can be disconcerting too.


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