the garden


The idea of the garden was born last year. Seeing so many empty plots in Bratislava, that are not used yet/anymore and are in a state of inbetween, we developed the idea to plant a little garden in one of those holes in the city.
A lot of those plots are by now in private hands of investors, who often build big fences around the plots so that one cannot enter, nor walk through. Especially in the more central parts of the city.
This limitation of free and empty space, that now is behind that very fence, changes the character of the streets and makes them appear more narrow.
A lot of these plots are already empty for years.

Racianske myto 2008Racianske myto 2008 Racianske myto 2010Racianske myto 2010

Dubrovnik tracks

COL-ME @ MMKamp Dubrovnik, Croatia [map context="node/337/context" layers="a" a="gpx|log-2009-12-09T17:30:17Z.gpx|dubrov|style={strokeColor:#00ff00,strokeWidth:5,strokeOpacity:0.4,strokeDashstyle:dash}" /]
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