Radio Rooftop from TIK exhibition

From 11th to 13th of May we will be running a live gallery radio stream from the TIK exhibition in Okno (Brussels, Belgium). With broadcast ranging from Open Mic opportunities for the participants of Jonathan Prior’s silent walk and Reni Hofmüller’s “Gstettn” walk to interviews and discussions with festival participants and artists. Contributions from the audience are highly welcome!

Catch us here: http://www.col-me.info:8000/

TIK ArtRadio

TIK ArtRadio
6. - 11. september 2011
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Týždeň rozhlasového vysielania, ktoré sa riadi veterným časom, je vytvárané jednotlivcami a kolektívmi (nielen) z Európy a zaoberá sa alternatívnymi prístupmi k času a ekológii. Audio stream bude koordinovaný tímom COL-ME v priestoroch bratislavského Progressbaru. Ďalšie kolektívy sa zapoja online – buď naživo, alebo s predpripravenými reláciami, ktoré budú prerušovať 24 hodinový prúd zvukov vetra. Pre okamžité informácie o vysielaní podľa veterného času sledujte http://twitter.com/TIKRadio


The first event related to TIK COL-ME participated in was organized by our associated partner Yo-yo from Prague in their newly acquired barn Kravin in Hranice (CZ). On this gloomy autumn day Michal Cudrnak, Marian Potocar and Barbara Huber jumped the car to drive all the way in the czech hinterland to enjoy the beauties of windmill construction in a countryside environment.
Besides that it unfortunately turned freezingly cold end of August, the setup was fantastic and we managed to have a fireplace every evening.

We arrived with two projects altogether, which were not directly linked to the TIK project. The 'Diafilm Sound Robots' event was based on a pile of old Diafilms a bunch of COL-ME's found while doing their most favourite free time activity: going through garbage.

TIK - Time Inventors' Kabinet

TIK - Time Inventors' Kabinet

… TIK is a project, an interest into ecology and media art, a collaborative experiment with time …
taking an ecological approach to observing patterns in time and time control systems…
the creative tools we build to generate new audio and visual artworks and mediate a creative discourse on ecological time …
an 'horloge a vent'(wind clock), an imaginary time keeping device regulated by the irregular movement of the wind …
workshops, art radio sessions, public access digital media archive, public presentations, conferences and exhibitions, a critical publication … 're-inventing ecological time'…


Original concept of COL-ME for TIK


Measuring time is as old as the first records of civilizations and humans have found many ways to do so nowadays and in the past. It can have many faces – from the granulized measurement, like the swinging of the atom and therfore the atom clock, to the calendars, which deal with time on an even bigger scale. Interesting are though, which parameters have been used throughout time, in order to make these measurements possible. The biggest and most obvious clock hands – the sun and the moon – are still used to measure certain segments in time. So in a lot of languages there is the same word for 'month' and 'moon'.


Calendars are on a big scale, what clocks are simply on a smaller scale. They became so important that they determine our whole lives. When we get up, when it is time to go shopping, when it is time to go to the office, opening hours, when the cinema starts, when it ends, when our favorite radio show starts.
In times of internet, time has become an even more dreadful factor as we are way more connected with people across the globe and we have to think, what time it is, before we try to reach them in real time.

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