14 compositions on some light, fine, transparent and plant paper (format 12x18 cm)
watercolors, minerals found in situ (as stamps) and light brush

pictures [a] to [n] are scan of those drawings before their installation in public space - have a look here: engravings

spectral lights and architecture


The so called "none" pictures are another part of the work in Bratislava. All about wandering and searching what does make a city so specific, first of course is this peculiar mix of different architectures, colors and stories sweating out of walls... Second point is this light of spring, running after the sun, catching this sky after the rain.
have a look here: The 'none' collection

abandonned buildings and post-industrial areas


Wandering in the skeleton of the city, in those places that have been deserted by official institutions but, places still alive, still breathing by wild interventions of their visitors; I focused my interest on how those disused spaces, underneath their kind of emptiness, are scene of a chaotic but shared taking over.

Tags and drawings, broken materials (windows, doors...), are here tools of a not verbal debate: across time, between people that could never physically knows each other but somehow meet by what they left behind (traces of passage, particular message or message to the world...). As a vocabulary, I used photographies and watercolors to act up my being in Bratislava, as to directly reflect impressions I felt in those places and as to enter this silent free debate.

Living at Col-Me


Wild Practice

photography, engraving and watercolors
installation on public places of BA!
Bratislava, SLOVAKIA
february/march 2008

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