TIK - Time Inventors Kabinet

The project TIK (Time Inventors' Kabinet) will take place over 2 years, as a collaborative action by 3 core partners(OKNO in Brussels, COL-ME in Bratislava and ESC in Graz) and numerous other contributors.
It is supported by the EACEA Culture Programme 2007-2013.

We will organize a distributed research and creation lab, with ongoing workshop points in each partner region, taking an ecological approach(in the etymological sense of the term : a study approach taking into account relations of organisms to
one another and to their physical environment and overall context) to
observing patterns in time and time control systems.



The TIK project ended in May 2012 and as one of the results we are proud to present the TIK publication - a common publication of all the involved groups in the TIK project.
You can read the publication online or ask for a hard-copy exemplar at:
callme AT col-me DOT info

As a matter of fact not all the articles written were published. As we think, that all of the articles COL-ME received from it's writers are worth reading, we publish them now online.

TIK Worklabs 2012


For the TIK exhibition taking place in May 2012 we planned to do some worklabs with the participating artists in order to build the installations, discuss still the articles published and to enjoy the last TIK months together after a long time of work.

The worklabs took place in
Vienna --> 14-16.03.2012 and 25-27.02.2012
Bratislava --> 8-10.03.2012 and 16-17.04.2012
Additionally we had on the 09 of March the public evening of the sound in Progressbar, Bratislava, where we presented preliminary parts of the works that would be exhibted in Brussels. See the invitation below.

Altogether we had four worklabs in collaboration with the Austrian organization Mz. Balthazaars Laboratories in which we developed our works. A visit in the Viennese 'Haus der Musik' brought Martina Kedrovas and Barbara Hubers work 'Ctesibius' into a more concrete shape, while Stefanie Wuschitz was fiddling on her mossclock and Ludmilla Hornakova put together the idea of the flying balloon.
In the course of this we discussed the articles of the publication as well.

AP meeting Bratislava, September 2010


From the 10th until the 13th of September 2010 the startup meeting of TIK project for COL-ME in Bratislava took place. We were visited by our associated partners of the project which were UKE from Zagreb, Line Art from Skopje, Yo-yo from Prague and AKU from Banska Bystrica. Our partners Urban FM from Prishtina could not come, as Slovakia didn't recognize Kosovo and therefore we discovered a week before the meeting, that their passports would not be valid.

For three days we got to know each other, worked and talked about the course of TIK project and formed three working groups and enhanced the TIK wiki.

10th of September 2010:

Presentation of the partnerorganisations and there interest in the TIK project. First forming of working groups according to interest:

Three working groups were formed in the course of the meeting to prepare certain topics.

1.COL-ME's radio project within the frame of TIK

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