CooP Schedule 2009

So, we have to change places for meeting, due to double booking of the A4 space. And the new meeting space will be
Klub Umelcov
Dostojevského rad 2 - 1. poschodie
811 09 Bratislava

The place has a wireless and will be open 2-8 for us. I would suggest we meet on Friday from 12 noon on in the garden (called Umelka) downstairs. We can have lunch there, and welcome the participants. On Sunday we can have the A4 space again if needed (nice when it rains).

club umelkaclub umelka

How to get to Umelka, Klub Umelcov from the station:
Drive your bike down Štefanikova to SNP square - where A4 is - and leave Tesco to the left, driving down Šturova till the end: between the Šafarikovo square and the Danube river you will see a building marked "Slovenská výtvarná únia"... it is there...

This is how the building looks like:
And here a picture from the square in 1968:

Updated Schedule for the Coop Meeting:

Friday May 29.

Meeting at noon (12pm) at Umelka garden
Introduction to the projects by Barbara Huber and Juergen Rendl, 3pm at Klub Umelcov
Work planning for the coming days
Dinner at 8pm (place in/out of the city to be announced)

Saturday May 30.

Sewage Echoes II

čistirna is all about eco-technical-media-art-cooperation, and will take place in an old sewage works, in Bubeneč/Praha. The event is linked to the Multiplace Festival, and is taking place 16-17 April 2009.

Location: website of čistirna: there are some 3D models of the main hall and sand trap hall where it should be happening (it can be dark in there, so you can work with light, projections...), outside photos and kanal in att


april 16 - 17 - workshop, free and open for your experiments (it's possible to work here also tuesday 14th, wednesday there is a private party)
- experimenting with hydrophones, underwater cameras, sensors monitoring water and air quality..., the resulting data can be used for creating temporary media installations and performances, interconnected spaces of former sewage works with its surroundings...

Workshops on living (in) the crisis

When: Friday, 20th of March, 2009
Where: Dom kultury, Gastanova ulica, Bratislava

Col-me works in collaboration with the independent library collective info@police. The collective was in January and February 2009 organising lectures on the current financial crisis. The last event are workshops on certain topics, that have been talked about before or that are touching subjects, which are issues within the financial crisis.
On Friday, 20th of March 2009 there will be workshops in the Dom kultury on Gastanova ulica, Bratislava, where working groups will be formed to work for a whole month on one topic. The outcomes of the workshop groups (texts, pictures, audio...) will be collected on the COL-ME webpage for presentation.
More information: (len po slovensky / only in slovak)
Szia in da crisis!

Hardware workshop for women in Bratislava

Hardware Workshop

Who: COL-ME - b#
When: Friday, 23rd of January, 17:30
Where: Centrum divadla, literatúry a vzdelávania, Školská 14, Bratislava
Amount: Around 10 participants (women only)
Languages: english (mainly), german (if needed), slovak (limited)
No fee

Have you ever opened your computer and looked what's inside? Are you curious to take a computer apart by yourself but you have been until now afraid to do so?
This workshop gives a small introduction in everything you need to know about Computer Hardware, external and on-board cards and how they are connected to the motherboard and how you can add and remove yourself new hardware parts (like a CD/DVD drive).
We will also explore typical vocabulary connected to hardware, such as ports, plugs, bus, interface, PCB, cards, processor, memory, storage, cache, master, slave and the BIOS.

The Hydrophone Workshop


Saturday 10.01.2009 --> watch the pictures from Saturday
Sunday 11.01.2009
Everyday 13.00-18.00
Place: A4 klub, Bratislava
Contact xgz ->

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