brrr universe

Pictures of a Baumax

Phantoms of Thalia

01. Sinfonia of silver metalpieces

02. Entracte of the silver panels

03. The construction buckets' lament

04. Choir of the Ytong stones

05. Arie of the gay duroplastic board

06. Ensemble of various plasticpieces

07. Entracte: chattering metal

08. Choir of the bearded wooden slats

09. Ensemble of happy small parts

10. Duet of the folding stairs and the package from the doors

11. Ballad from the antagonism between metal and wood

12. Song of the wheels on their reck

13. Aria of the mason's trowel

14. Dance of the small screws

15. Recitative of the rubber tyre

16. Kettlesong

17. Interlude of the artificial turf

18. Finale of the gay duroplastic boards

01. Sinfonia at the colonial junk table

02. Aria of the quiver

03. Choir of brushes and stones

04. Samba of the tin cans

05. Entracte of the sponge rubber package and the shelf

06. Elegy of the plasticperls with the polystyrene spheres

07. Ballad of the life of pens

08. Score Counter Song

09. A cows' duet

10. Musical Box

11. Harry Potter Piece

12. Song of the language computer

13. Finale of Babel